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An affordable way yet awesome places to eat with friends

 Do you want to spend time with your friends and simply pig out?Are you looking for an affordable  place to eat with a good ambiance? Recently, me and my friends started to go out and did some “food trip”. Here’s what I’ve learned. There are food parks and simple restaurants around manila where you can spend time with your friends, buy foods and share it with each other. Here are some of the places where we have been recently

The concept of a food park is simply like a food court, The difference? food court is usually located inside an establishment while the food park is located outdoor with a specific theme. If you want something different, Food parks are definitely a must try.

  1. The Yard (Food Park in Xavierville Quezon City) (4pm on wards)

This is one of the well known food park in Quezon City. It has around 35 stalls inside(i’m not sure) and it looks like a humongous trailer truck on the outside and when you go inside, its like there’s an organized loft type construction place with different stalls.

Most of the food we ate here was sea food. Literally seafood but of course, we also had our “see food diet”. 

the perks of “see food diet”

I cannot describe much about the food because all the food tasted real good! But here’s some of the tips we can give.

Tip 1: each pair can buy food from a specific stall that is good for HALF of the group. 

This will serve as your share to the group. It  will also allow everybody to taste each food from each stall. It’s much affordable rather than buying one meal from each stall for yourself. The size is for the half of the group because when you put it all together, it will look like a buffet depending on your number.

Small pieces of a puzzle completes the bigger pictures.

The best food in this food park? is called SUSHI BURRITO

ohw so yummy!!

 Good point: good food, a lot of sea foods, there’s liquor and good choices of liquor, no rain can stop you from eating, good music(perfect for a chill night out)

Downside: NO AIRCON! well since its a park, aircondition shouldn’t be expected and few parking.

2. Kantorini (4pm on wards)


This is another food park in Quezon City, its near the first food park i have mentioned above. This is one of the newest food parks with Greek inspired theme. Basically, the color white and blue is all over the place. The ambiance is like the famous Santorini. I guess they got their name from this place. They combined the tagalog word for “street corner” which is the “kanto” and the last four letters from Santorini.

Its a Greek inspired food park yet most of the food we ate here were sushi, pizza, chickens and lots and lots of ice tea hahaha i wonder why we didn’t choose to buy Greek foods? maybe it’s not our thing but will definitely try it when we go back.

Tip number 2: Party Size!

Well, Since Sharing is our thing. We want everybody to have a taste of the food we have chosen for the group. you don’t have to worry because the foods served in food parks are rich in carbohydrate and protein. You’re rumbling stomach will be satisfied. A perfect bonus for that, you were able to taste the specialties of each stalls.

even ice tea can be shared in a unique way.

 Good point:  Good food!, good ambiance, a lot of parking space and most of all, Live band!

Downside: Since there is a live band or the sound system is too loud, you can’t talk that much. They only serve beers per bottle and no other option for alcoholic beverage.


3. Dencio’s at Green Heights

You might give a poker face for saying Dencios, but wait, there’s more. So, we all know about the food in dencios and their famous sisig. The special thing about this restaurant is their place and ambiance. It’s located at a small mall in green heights. It’s like your on top of a hill and the weather is breezy and cool, and one of the most important thing i love? Only few people go here, so you can really talk and spend a quality time with your friends or someone special.

a restaurant with good ambiance

I can’t say too much of the food and drinks because their house specialties, is truly delicious. Never miss their sizzling sisig every time you visit this restaurant no matter where you are.

There are other choices in this mall but the Dencio’s have the greatest spot in that mall. Perfect for sunsets.

**disclaimer** the picture uploaded for Dencios is from google. 🙁 both my camera and phone have no battery when we went there. It was a sad experience but lesson learned.

tip 3: Look for a place with a relaxing ambiance.

4. Pande Amerikana

pande americana

ok? If you want breakfast. Here’s a place where you can have an affordable all day breakfast. The restaurant is located in White Plains. Its located between Quezon City and Ortigas.

upside down

They serve all day Filipino Breakfast and snacks. They are also famous for their Pandesal (bread). I’ts literally gigantic. Plus the ambiance does not have too many people. Perfect for groups and for chit chats.Pandesal

tip 4: look for an affordable food.


The cutest thing i was able to do at this restaurant is to have a picture upside down. haha I think, the owner of this restaurant wants their restaurant to have that upside down ambiance and Kudos to them because they have achieved that in their place. In addition to that, They serve their food really quick.

So this ends my short list of recommendations, I hope I was able to give you some ideas where to go for a group meetings, hang out, chill night or just a simple food trip with friends.

Don’t Forget, SLSC, Stay tuned for more.


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