The Beast

Disclaimer: most of the contents are from the talk series “magnetic” at The Feast

This is for all the singles looking for their #relationshipgoal partner and for those who are in a relationship aiming for that #couplegoals.

Have you watched the beauty and the beast? If woman are beauty, definitely Men are the beast. But guys? remember this,

“Inside a beast is a prince waiting to come out”

That day, the talk was about men. I don’t know about you but I love discussions about the opposite gender. It gives me a chance to understand what is going on their brain and how to approach them properly. When i heard about the talk, my ears are clapping haha.

Men are the beast because they are strong and they act like a man. But, how do you define “man”. How do you know their real men? Guys? Are you man enough?

Just a soft reminder, If you think your partner is not a man, remember that Man can change but it doesn’t happen in a snap. Ladies? your love is not enough to change a person. Do not expect a frog transforming into a prince after kissing them.(from the story, Frog Prince)


In this talk, They have defined a real man is a man with Goals, Guts and Grit.Lets see the details on each (this is based on my notes i got during the talk)

First they said, real man have GOALS.

A man need to dream, God created him to be that. When he stops dreaming, he starts dying.

“not to be needed is a slow death for a man” – John Gray

A woman wants a man with a plan

Guys? heres a classic example of showing to a girl you have a plan. This is also a good tip when you’r going out with ladies. Have a plan! For crying out loud! Do not go out on a date without a plan.

Scenario 1: You go out on a date and you ask the girl where she wants to go or where she wants to eat. If you think this is sweet? your wrong! haha In reality, girls expects you to have a plan where you want to eat, what to eat and what to do. Do not ask them what they want to eat. You might be saying all the restaurants available in a 40 mile radius but she still do not know what to eat. then you end up having an argument, making a bad impression or worst, you go home hungry.

Scenario 2: Wouldn’t be it nice to hear from a man asking a girl out on a date. After you picked her home you will tell her your plans that you will be going to the mall to watch a movie first then you will eat dinner at a steak house where you can eat all the steak you want. Then we can have a late night talk at your favorite coffee shop or walk in the park as we watch the stars.

Woman’s frustration is a date without a plan

Guys, Be aware that even she contradicts your plan, she will appreciate you and agree to your plan. Just like in the 2nd scenario, even if she doesn’t drink coffee at night or walk in the park because of the mosquitoes, she will still agree because you gave her a plan.

I remember Dennis and I talking about future. Oh My God! like seriously, he already have a plan for the next 25 years. He told me, “this is my short term goal/plan”. My jaw have dropped and i might be laughing, but this is one of the reasons i got attracted to him. 1 “Pogi” points (handsome point) for Dennis. I believe, we started talking about future plans and goals when we were still exchanging messages on the app. We haven’t met each other, but he have been telling me his plans. I placed a check on my checklist haha.

Plans are goals and it means that they have a vision. Singles should have a criteria and its a must that you should have standards. Show your vision, never settle for “this will do”, “i’m old and i need a boyfriend ASAP, all i need is a guy”. NO!, again, your not a frog kisser, Ladies, you deserve a real man. Boys, start acting like a man. Be a real man. Start building your vision.


I am blessed that i met a guy with a vision. A crazy guy who have plans until his hair is gray. I am blessed that i met my beast who see his future with me. I will always treasure that moment when we were lying in a swing near the beach under the sun, waiting for it to go down while we were talking about our plan for 2017 and the following years up until our retirement plan. I pray that all the ladies will be able to have that kind of experience too. That cloud nine feeling you will have while talking to each other. For all the guys, I pray that you’ll be molded to be the Mr. right of a beautiful lady with a good heart.

Singles, be prepared to be the Mr. or Ms. right. Once you become one, you don’t need to be desperate searching for them. Eventually you’ll be able to attract the same right person.


This is just the first part about being a real man, we still have two.

Stay tuned and don’t forget SLSC

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