Safe places to visit for Female solo backpacker

solo traveler

Solo backpacking seems to be a trend right now, especially for girls. A common bucket list for most of the young professionals. Put your hands up Yappies! We have a lot of reasons why we decide to try this. No matter what your reasons are, if you have tried this, its very fulfilling. I’ll give some of my reasons as we continue.

Here are some of my recommendations especially for first timers.

Life is too short, we only live once. Take every opportunity to experience life.

I have been traveling alone for about 3 or 4 years now and despite of me having a great and wonderful partner in life, I still want to go out on my own once in a while. I started solo backpacking unexpectedly.

Traveling alone can help you move on from a painful break up.

You have read it right. I went solo backpacking due to a painful “break up” and it was unexpected. After my so called “ex” decided to be with a different woman, a family member invited me to go to Batangas to calm down.

1. Batangas City

Alright! I’m in Batangas but honestly, I did not go around this place. You might be giving me a poker face now. Why on earth I would recommend a place I did not go around? Here’s the thing, I got lost for the first time and it was the greatest mistake I’ve done.

Getting lost is another way of saying, “going to explore

The reasons I have for recommending this place are the following; Batangas have a lot of beach resorts you can explore once your there, its very near and accessible in Manila and there’s a port where you can choose places you want to visit using small ships. That goes to my 2nd destination.

2. Puerto Galera

I’m so in love with the beach. So I decided to go to the port and saw the nearest place I can visit. I haven’t tried Scuba diving that time.

I was lucky, I was Hitting two birds with one stone

Traveling alone and scuba diving were part of my bucket list. Because I was so broken hearted, I did both.

Disclaimer: Dear ex, if your reading this, thank you for breaking up with me. I could not have done it without you ? (no sarcasm included)

scuba diving
see how bad I was with photography before? hahaha

I went to Puerto Galera Mindoro Oriental to try Scuba diving. I couldn’t say more, the marine life in this place is simply amazing. Not to mention the number of dive shops available in the area. You don’t have to worry about the price because they offer affordable rates. Too bad, I only have limited time at that moment so I rented a “habal-habal” (motorcycle) ride to go around for a bit. There, I saw a few bars, spa, restaurants and simple living. Sadly, I was in a hurry because I only have half day to stay there.

scuba diving
My camera isn’t good and I don’t have go pro yet that time to have pictures underwater

If you don’t have a camera, always remember that you still have your eyes to capture the beauty of nature and your brain that has an unlimited storage for memories. Pictures doesn’t matter if you did not enjoy the place.

After I went there, I kept coming back to this place and explored the rest of the place. But this time, with my partner.

3. Fortune Island

I’m in Batangas again. (I told you, this seem to be my starting point) Fortune island is a secluded island near Nasugbo Batangas. It’s famous for the ancient acropolis ruins in their island. There’s no Hotel, House, Electricity, Fresh water and CR. So expect the “survival” feel for a day.

acropolis ruins in philippines
Sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place alone, to figure things out


Due to personal insecurities and the feeling of being left out from a team, I went out alone again. And it was indeed an eye opener for me.

Love and protect yourself. Never allow anyone to get a chance to let you feel alone, unwanted, inferior and ugly. Always remember, God loves you more than anyone, He made you special and unique.

Have you felt that even you have a partner in life, you still want that sense of belongingness and acceptance from other people or your peers. Failure to achieve that acceptance, disappoints you. My friend, don’t feel bad! Their approval doesn’t matter. So, Pick up yourself, stand up, take a deep breath and plan your travel. Treat yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

“kill nothing but time”

There are a lot of things I loved about this island. It allows you to go back to nature and basic simple living. A moment to pause from a busy city lifestyle. A moment to breath the fresh air. A time to enjoy the sound of nature and feel the cool water washing off the sands on your feet. To see the sun goes down and to see it rises. To kill your time as you relax and meditate.

I travelled alone for this trip BUT! Please take note. Since this is a kind of trip that needs other people to travel in a budget friendly cost. I decided to join a tour package.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling alone doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily go to that place alone. Solo backpacking means to explore and experience. That includes making friends.

As you travel alone, aside from meeting yourself. You also open yourself into meeting other people.

It’s a wonderful experience to join a different group and get to know their stories. Plus, you even take turns to take a photo of each other. So your pictures won’t have that selfie stick all the time haha. If you’r lucky, their photography skills could be great for Instagram posts.

undercut hair
See? She took a really cool picture of me
4. Cebu City

What a spectacular place! I guess I found a place that i’m willing to go back a hundred times. Their City has a lot to offer! Like a lot.


I was supposed to go to Cebu with my “ex” but unfortunately, i’m just an option for him and I still have an impression that I have never been part of his plans.But this time, my ex is NOT my main reason. I wanted to try traveling alone on a limited budget. This is more of a challenge and survival.

I learned to prioritize the things I want to do and to compromise the unnecessary things. I felt like I was in amazing race.

My tour guide was really cool of telling what pose i should do. See?

I have a lot of stories about this place, but the highlights of my travel was to experience Canyoneering (trekking and cliff diving in one) , to swim with the whale shark , saw an island beneath the water, swam with a school of fish and to walk on a glass floor on top of a building. All this things with a limited amount of money in my pocket. Here’s a few more pictures:

I’ll write a different article for each places and details about my itinerary especially with Cebu. I know you want to get some ideas about it.

5. Baguio City
Of course! Why would I forget about my own hometown? Let’s save the last for the best.

Let me introduce you the place where I grew up in few sentences. Baguio is the Summer capital of the Philippines because of its cold and bed weather. I am lucky that I grew up on such a beautiful and peaceful place. The weather is perfect to relax and simply rest. This place has a calming effect. Not to mention how slow the time is when you’r there. Plus, its one of the safest city in north because in general, the locals are kind, honest (literally! Trust me on this) and accommodating. Its also a perfect place to pig out and enjoy your hot beverage while enjoying the view and fresh air.

baguio city

That ends my list for now. I hope that I gave you some good suggestion for your next trip. Let me know on the comments below about your suggestion and thoughts. Lastly, don’t forget SLSC!

The most important thing about traveling, never be a foreigner to your own country. If you visit a different place, immerse with the locals and learn it their way. And of course, enjoy every minute you made. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to traveling. Don’t pressure yourself.

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