Human size Spider Web

Few weeks before my flight abroad I finally got a chance to join a group to hike on a mountain that has a human sized spider web near the mountain peak. Its called the “Masungi Georeserve”. Back in the old days, the area was ruined because of the illegal loggers and mining scale but thankfully there were individuals who started to protect the place. Blue Star Construction & Development Corporation were the ones who funded the project of restoration, rehabilitation and conservation of the area.

spider web

Knowing the back story prior or during the visit makes it more fun and interesting.

According to our tour guide,The place was called “masungi” from the tagalog word “masungki” meaning rigid or sharp. This is because of the lime stone mountain. They have a sharp, spiky uneven tip. He also mentioned that the name was derived from the word “masungit” meaning grumpy because the weather is grumpy and unpredictable. One more important thing to remember about this place; It was called a “Georeserve” instead of a mountain, a trail or a park because the caretaker of the place wanted to ensure that the place is well protected. It took them years to rehabilitate the area and they don’t want the tourist to flock and affect mother nature. They have emphasized that they only allow a certain number of people in a day on a certain period of time to make sure that we savor the moment that we were there and to easily maintain the area. RESERVATION of visit is a MUST! Walk ins are not allowed.

masungi georeserve
after the trail

Honestly speaking, it was really hard to get a schedule because the slots are so limited, you need to wait for months prior to your visit. Then it’s not recommended for solo travelers because the minimum person per visit is 7 persons. Less than that, you have to pay for the remaining. Transportation was a little hard as well because a private car/service is highly recommended. Commute is a little complex and only few public transportation pass through that way. Despite of all those “buts”, the visit was all worth it. By the way, travel tours and other type of groups are also not allowed. They only allow group of friends or relatives. Haha. So much for a house rules.

environment friendly
time to brush the sole of our shoes. Don’t forget to ask your tour guide why.

So my church-mate’s sister got a schedule! I was really lucky to hear about that news. I did not have second thoughts of joining their group. After confirming our schedule, we immediately paid the fee which was 1,800php / $35-36. Then you will receive an email about their rules and regulation and how to reach the area. My friend’s time slot was a little early but fair enough. We got 7:30am schedule. It was nice because it was not too hot but not too cold as well. Not to mention that we were able to avoid the traffic going to Rizal. You have to be at least an hour and a half early because you will have your orientation prior to the trail. The tour is about 4-4.5 hours then At the end of the hike, they will provide your refreshing healthy snack. You can also bring your own trail snacks but make sure to keep your trash in your pocket/bag. Don’t forget to bring your tumbler.

rope course
first rope challenge

God’s creation is wonderful and incredibly amazing, let’s all help each other to care and protect it to pass it unto the next generation.

During the trail, your tour guide will give you a lot of inputs regarding the place and its history. You will be facing different rope challenges and the spider web is one of it. The ropes were the one’s I was looking forward during the tour because I’m afraid of the heights and I can’t wait for my bloopers haha! Each course was a great experience. Your tour guide will also provide you enough time to meditate or to take a nap during the activity.

relaxation techniques
meditating along the way

“Learn to enjoy the way as much as much as you would enjoy when you reach the destination” — Sakshi Chetana

healthy food

At the end of that day, I could say that for every house rules, every sweat and every penny that we had. All was WORTH it. It was not just a trail but a great lesson that we should help and take action to care for mother nature. We don’t want to pass just a great photo to the next generation. We want to pass the experience we had with such a beautiful place like this. Especially if its just 3 hours away from the busy streets of Manila.

fear of heights
face your fear of heights, time to go down that rope!

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