Growing up and Growing old

We all know the saying “growing up is different from growing old”. Each year, we all have to go through that day. A moment to celebrate our first day on earth. It is also a day that gives us another year of life and an additional number in our age. Have any one of you experienced asking;

” when I was young, I want to grow old fast. But now that i’m getting old, I want to stop time and stay on my age forever?”

It is ironic but true. I know a few people who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthday because they think, this will somehow stop their age. For some, they have stopped counting their age! haha I know, I did. (make an experiment and ask the age of your friend out of the blue during a conversation. It’s either they pause for a while to count their age or give you a random number)

But this article is not about me, Its about the special person in my life.
Do you know 7-eleven? it’s one of the famous convenient store right? But, for my man. It is his birthday! AKA July 11. Dennis gave me a sensational story about his birthday months ago. I was shocked about his thought.

Personally, I still celebrate my day, ignoring my age. I always try to make it special and different each year. But Dennis have a total different idea about it. He does not celebrate his birthday anymore, it made me feel terrible but it doesn’t bother him. His reason was deeper than the reasons I gave earlier.

Dennis gave me a good smile and said,

I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore because nothing is special. Its the same date that you go through each year”

He does have a good point, but not only that. He also mentioned that he does not want to celebrate that day because

it is also the day that my mother has to go through a severe pain for me”.

he states that there is a lot more reasons he have but its hard for him to explain. (i’m not sure if its literally hard to explain or just because of language barrier haha). But those two main reasons he have, made my jaw dropped. I don’t know about you guys, but here’s a fact:

2nd most painful phenomena in the world is called LABOR PAIN. The first one is heart attack.

Who on earth would think about their mother’s labor pain during their birthday?! like seriously? But this crazy guy i’m with right now, thought about that. He have a precious principle about women. He thinks that all women are like “Gal Gadot” aka Wonder Woman in real life. He thinks that girls are very strong. Considering the labor pain and dysmenorrhea that we have to experience. His respect for woman is incredible. I therefore conclude that my man is extra special more than he think he is.

Every woman deserves a special treatment from their man. But a man also deserves to be appreciated.

I have been asking Dennis for a couple of times what he wants for his birthday, but he always give me a damn answer “NOTHING”. Where can i find this?! its a hard gift. His friends and I were having troubles to what gift we can give to him. haha. So his friends decided to give him his favorite ramen noodles and I ended up buying the biggest cake for him. We don’t want him to get fat but its the least we can give him. Then we all ate at a restaurant and I told the crew that it is his birthday for them to sing their birthday song and they could help me surprise him with the cake I bought. It was a wonderful dinner.

group picture with birthday boy!

At the end of the day, making him feel well appreciated and loved is enough to make him feel that he is exceptional. I promised myself, that moving forward, I will always try my best to appreciate him in everything he does and every success he made. I’ll always be the woman at his back, giving him the support he needs.

whether your man gives you flowers or treat you on a private plane, whether he cooks dinner or buy you dinner outside, THANK HIM. You want your man to appreciate your new haircut or dress right? It’s the same thing for them. They just have different ways to show their love. 

is it hard to slice?

To end this, always remember that Age is just a number. The most important thing is growing up. how you become wiser as you age. How you see things in a different perspective and how you improve yourself to become a better version of the old you.

when we were still young hahaha (last year)

My last question is, How would you show your man that he is unique on his birthday? let me know with your comments below and don’t forget SLSC !! Stay tuned for more updates.

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