Chocolate Harmony

chocolate harmony

What is your standard to tell if a coffee shop is good and worth coming back?For me, I call my list the “PLACE“. I’ve been here in Kuwait for more than six months and so far, I have found this place awesome and worth visiting every now and then. I have found a shop called “Chocolate Harmony” that I would definitely recommend to you. Here are my reasons.


Let us all be honest, we compare prices from one shop to another. I believe that the price of your coffee matters because we all wanted to maximize every single penny we spend. Besides, the money you’ll be spending is a result of your hard work. You deserve a good and reasonable price.  My all time favorite basis of the price is Starbucks. If the price is lower than or equal to the amount of Starbucks’s Venti sized coffee, I would check this criteria and consider the price reasonable.


For an Expat like me, it is really hard to go around Kuwait without your own car. Having your own service can take you to different places. But it doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere using the public transportation. Chocolate Harmony is located in Egaila at the “Arabian Mall”. It is across the LULU hypermarket. I would describe Egaila like a circle of mall because there are different big shopping malls available in the area. You just need to cross either a street or a parking lot to get to the other mall. Bus is not available in the area but Egaila is a one stop shop for almost everything. Taxi fare is worth every penny.


We usually go to a coffee shop not only to ask people if they are open minded (if you know what I mean by networking) haha. Mainly you are staying inside the shop to charge your phone, do something with your lap top or simply chill and hangout with your friends and family while drinking a good cup of coffee, tea or chocolate.

The second time I went there were with my friends. We had a really good time taking pictures because of the view especially in their balcony. The place can offer you clean, comfortable, organized and cozy place to stay. Not to mention that their music is soft and just fair enough to have that moment or good conversation with your company. Unlike the other shops with too much noise and loud music.

iv. CREW

For some, this doesn’t matter. But if you ask me, the crew inside the coffee shop will give a big impact to their regular customer. You know that the staff are doing a great job because they have regular customers. It will give you a signal that the service, food and beverages are good.

The first time I was there, most of the crew are Filipino just like me. They were all smiling and you’ll feel how welcoming they are. They welcomed all their customers the way they welcomed me. They also know how to recommend good drinks to try.


Last is your experience. The over all experience you had during your first and following visit. Your experience with the food and the beverage you ordered. If they met your expectations or of there are things that they need to improve. For me, my experience with Chocolate Harmony is 9 out of 10. Every time I visit their place to have a cup of coffee or every time I’m with a new company, they never failed to give an excellent service.

I’d like to hear about your experience with them or thoughts about this shop by leaving  me a message. Or if there are any other shops you can recommend, I’ll be glad to visit it.

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