The Beast part 2

Previously, I was telling you a story about my man becoming a beast haha,

Men looks like a beast when their hungry? LoL

just kidding. We have mentioned that real men are like beast because they have goals, guts and grit. This time, lets talk about the 2nd and 3rd thing about men.

Real men are BRAVE.”

BUT, how do you define bravery? is it being the strongest among all and afraid of nothing? remember this

” Bravery is not the absence of fear, But it is the ability to do what is right even if he is afraid. “

This is also a definite definition of a real man having “GUTS”. Real man do whatever is right even if he is afraid because he have the guts to pursue his goals.  I once told my boyfriend,

“Dreams without action will remain dreams”

Can you differentiate a man and a boy with one word? Its simple, its called Autonomy. The ability to decide on their own. Do you remember when you were young, your mom always tell you what to do? Even with the simplest task in your life such as taking a bath. This is because you were still young like a boy, but when you start to grow up like a teenager, you started to resist your mother and do what you want. Choose what you want to wear. Style your hair the way you want it even if it looks like your about to kill a lizard with your spiky hair? This is when you start to learn the autonomy or freedom to choose what you want and the guts to pursue that thing you have in mind.

If your a parent, remember this,

when your child started to resist on you, ITS A GOOD THING!, do not be bothered about it, because that is the time they start to learn on how to decide. The perfect time to learn the true meaning of having the “GUTS”

For couples:

if you tell your husband/partner/boyfriend on what to do such as “dinner is ready, let’s eat”. You might notice there is a moment of delay with them. Girls…..put this in mind. Real men have Guts with autonomy. They will follow what you said, but  you just have to give a little time to allow them to think that they are following you not because you told them but because of their free will to do so. haha it might sound insane and funny but its true. Observe.

Woman is looking for a decisive man

This is the type of men all woman is looking for. A guy with audacity to have commitment. A man who doesn’t settle for a “mutual understanding/ exclusively dating” term of relationship. Girls? I feel the pain that you have when your trying to ask your guy the true meaning of your relationship, when you feel that he is your boyfriend but on the other hand, this guy will just tell you ” we are nothing but let’s just enjoy the moment together” OMG! i have been there and i know how it crushes your feelings. Please, do not be blinded by the love you feel because your kiss will never change any kinds of frogs in the real world. You might be exchanging “i miss you” “i love you” messages or you could be kissing each other but, if he tells you that your still under the dating stage? Girl? you need to think twice. Would you like a guy with no balls and a man that looks like a spineless flake with no strong decision?

For the guys? Do not be afraid to ask your girl for their sweet yes. Remember, have the guts to ask your girl for the commitment in your relationship because you are BRAVE.

One of our official photo as boyfriend and girlfriend

The 3rd and last thing is having “GRIT”, This is a way man shows his strength and courage with a strong will to  pursue his goals and vision with the guts to face all the challenges in life.

Have you ever heard the phrase ” happy wife, happy life”?

Well, i’m not yet his wife but here’s a classic example of my man showing “grit”. He works nightshift just like me, most of the time he works 14 days in a row and i only work 5 days in a row. We wanted to make sure that we have a quality time together at least once a week. We decided to go to church every Sunday. But since I serve at church, my time is still limited. We usually eat breakfast together and talk about our week and our plan. But there are a lot of times that i can see in his eyes that he is really tired and he needs rest but he chooses to spend that time with me. He knows it makes me happy when he go to church with me and it makes our life happy haha. When I told this to a good friend of mine, all he did was to give me a big smile and gave me his favorite line.

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do”

At the end of the day, When I heard Bro. Bo Sanchez said these same phrase. It gave me the definite definition of a man doing everything because that is what he is designed to do. No storm can stop a man from doing what he wants to do. No matter how tired and broken they are, they will stand up and rise again to give their 100% because they have a goal to pursue.

For all the boys, Unleash the beast within you until you become a prince.

This is the end of our series “The Beast”. Stay tuned for more updates.


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