Beach in the Dessert


Recently, I started working in Kuwait and honestly speaking, I haven’t got around the city yet because my Civil I.D is still in the process. It is a legitimate proof that I am in their country legally. For tourist, Your passport ,Visa and marriage contract(for couples) are very important. Remember to bring them anywhere you go.

Prior to visiting a different country, It is a MUST to know their law and culture. Not only to show respect, But most importantly for your own protection.

Now that I’m good to go, I was lucky that my department had a picnic near the beach and with the permission from one of our HR manager, I was able to join my team even for a limited time. So, you saw it right! A BEACH! (yeah baby!) It’s pretty amazing to know that Kuwait is also near an ocean. I have googled a few resorts in Kuwait that you can visit. But the very first beach that I was able to go was the Messilah Beach.Messila beach

The place is off the Fahaheel highway, about 15-20 mins. from Mahboula, Kuwait. Our department head was nice to pick us up in our company accommodation together with the other staff who lives near us. When we arrived, the entrance fee will cost you 1KD (around 3-4USD) per head. There are available tables, chairs, BBQ grills and play ground for kids. It is best to visit the place anytime of the week except Friday. They told me that most of the people go out on a Friday. (Friday is their weekend). 

Prior to the picnic, the team were divided into groups, each group brought a specific type of cuisine. One of them also brought  their own portable BBQ grill and a portable stove. After a week of work, the best way to reward ourselves is through our stomach.raspberry cheesecake

mango cheesecake

Good food and Good companion in a beach is a perfect combination for a good rest day to unwind.

korean food

non alcoholic beer the so called “beer” look closely, it says “non alcoholic” 🙂

When we arrived at the place and after preparing the tables and chairs, some of the boys started to grill our food. Except BBQ from a pig’s meat because its not allowed.  In addition, Beers are not available as well. But there is a drink with no alcoholic content  that tastes like a beer. Weird but you will get a hang of it. Some of us were having their own photo-shoots for Instagram or Facebook. Some were swimming on the shore with their kids and some are preparing for our games.

go pro

“To be a team, you must be a family…”— Don Meyer

After being satisfied with a great feast we had, It’s time for the adults to shine. We had a few games and it was really fun. Everybody was competitive to win the price of “bragging rights” hahaha! Go blue team! After the games, since it’s getting dark and the kids have school in the morning, we have to pack our bags and go. At the end of the day, despite of the limited time, we all enjoyed the moment that we shared. A moment to know each other outside of work. To be personal with each other and to build a good relationship outside the work environment to improve our efficiency and effectiveness at work as one team.

line one, ER department

Overall, I can say that Messilah beach is perfect for a beach picnic because the crowd is lesser,it’s affordable, the sand and shore is clean and  it’s peaceful. I’m looking forward to explore more of Kuwait. For now, please don’t forget to subscribe, share and comment. SLSC!

messila beach

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