ATV in Kuwait

Let’s talk about a weekend getaway in Kuwait. Six days a week of work sounds very tiring and a day to rest is like a minute of break from work. The best thing to do is to maximize your time.

The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted — John Lennonkuwait ATV

Me and my roommate decided to try the all-terrain vehicle a.k.a ATV. There are few places in Kuwait where you can rent a bike. There is one in Khiran where we went. One in Jahra and one in Wafra. If you are planning to go in either of these places, having your own car or means of transportation is a MUST because its far and I did not see any public transportation available at that area. You can either go with someone who owns a car, rent a car or simply have a good contract with a cab driver. We used the app “waze” to get to “Yamaha camp Khiran” . We got lost at first because the map brought us to the beach resort in the area which is totally different, so make sure you place the right name. You will see the Yamaha camp before you reach the resort.

When we got there, the rental fee is 10 Kuwait Dinar (around $30 USD) per hour. Then you can enjoy the ride.

The best season to do the activity is during the winter. If you have other places to visit after the ride, I would recommend taking a shower after. Dust and sands on your hair is part of the trip.

This article was short but I hope the information was helpful . Let me know on the comments below and if you think this has helped you, Please don’t forget to share.


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