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By: DJ

Since you have decided to read this article, I have a strong feeling that this is the start of our partnership towards an awesome journey! Thank you in advance. We hope that you have done the SLSC. Sit back and enjoy reading.

We would like to formally introduce ourselves. As of now, we are in a relationship status and we have been together for quite sometime. Dennis is the guy who was born and raised in Taiwan. While I (Jonel) was born and raised in the Philippines. Two different countries and culture. Ever wonder how we met?

We first met at Starbucks, thanks to their coffee? Haha. Dennis started to work in the Philippines since 2015. But before Starbucks, we actually started in an online dating app called OKC. If your thinking that we have been on that app a long time and had a couple of dates with other girls or guys. You’re wrong. Believe it or not, we might have been able to exchange messages with a lot of people but we never had a chance to meet them personally. (Dennis? Am I right? Haha, let me know if we need to have an addendum for this article.) It was the first meeting we had.

Flashback: Dennis goal is to have a girlfriend for that year. He don’t know where to start and decided to try the app. On the other hand, I just broke up with a guy and wanted to have someone to talk. To cut my long story, I wanted a friend and if I’m going to have a chance to date someone, why not?! I’m single. I took the risk of trying the app. It was a little scary but fun. You’ll be able to talk to different people with different perspective in life. It was like, your meeting the whole world but you need to trust your judgement for safety purposes as well. TIP: if your not single, never use the app! If your married or in a relationship and your using the app, it’s called cheating. According to datingsitesreviews.com, “ A recent study found online daters are less willing to hold out for their “perfect” person and more interested in finding someone who might have potential.”

So, After weeks of having an exchange of messages, we finally decided to meet personally. We both have our own fear and uncertainty. But you will never know whom that person is, if you will not give it a try. Think of this, it’s just a date. You may find it funny but this is another good tip when meeting someone you’ve just met online. We both had our own company and we decided to meet in a public area such as the mall while the sun is still up. This is for the “just in case” scenario.  Just in case the person is not as good looking as it shows in his profile, haha (Just kidding) call it any way you want but for us, we still want to go home with our valuables. Back up! That’s why you have friends.

Dennis and his best friend Cai waited in Starbucks. I have an undercut hair that time, passed by the tables outside without looking at the people trying to see if he can remember me with my hair, and I hardly need a coffee that day too. I will never forget that moment when I was supposed to open the door but he was at my back trying to call my attention and held the door for me. My friend? She was late haha (epic fail). At the end of the day, we both thought it was a success. Then there’s the second date and so on. Finally, from being single, we are now in a relationship status.

you don’t have to finish the whole cake to say it’s good

I personally believe in the quote “ you don’t have to finish the whole cake to say it’s good”. We wanted to know each other more. We’re both interested with each other.The feeling is mutual, We have skipped the drama, exclusively dating or mutual understanding nonsense and placed a solid label to our relationship. We decided to do it together. So the story of D&J begins.

Follow us in our journey together. As we unravel our emotion towards each other. Learn with us about the diversity of our cultures and beliefs.

In this article? We would like to know your opinion about online dating and our perspective about dating and relationship label.What do you think about our story?

And last, don’t forget SLSC! Thanks.